Dr Meg Arroll Champion Talent Dr Meg Arroll Champion Talent Dr Meg Arroll Champion Talent

Dr Meg Arroll

(PhD, CPsychol, CSci, FHEA, AfBPS, MISCPAccred)

Chartered psychologist and scientist, published author and health writer

Dr Meg is a psychologist – but not as you might imagine. There are no couches, clipboards or stuffy white rooms here, just a friendly, approachable, kind and genuine person who just happens to be a fully trained and qualified practitioner. Dr Meg started her career in academia, focusing on medically unexplained conditions that leave people feeling lost, neglected and at sea in a world of symptoms, stigma and pain. This passion for finding answers to questions that no doctors seem able to address stems for Meg’s own personal experience, so she really does have that rare combination of subjective experience and objective professional skills.

Having also trained at the renowned Ealing Film Studios with Met Film School during her doctorate, Dr Meg is more than at home in a studio and on location, both live and pre-recorded productions. Her credibility is second-to-none, with scientific publications under her belt, six commercial books for the masses and more letters after her name than she knows what to do with. This combination of professional training and accreditation, coupled with a personable approach which can simplify even the most complex of scientific theories, puts Dr Meg in the unique position to disseminate mental health and wellbeing information effectively to the general public.

Dr Meg also writes regularly for national newspapers including the Stylist, Daily Mail, and Psychologies and is an expert for Top Sante and Yours magazines. Dr Meg has a wealth of media experience and has worked on campaigns with TV favourites such as Dr Hilary Jones and Nadia Sawalha. Meg also loves radio, particularly live broadcasts and is a regular contributor to trusted podcasts such as Mail+ Health. Credibility is key in this day and age, and in addition to her professional qualifications, Dr Meg is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Accredited Member and Supervisor with the International Society for Coaching Psychology and a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Dr Meg now works from London’s Harley Street and online, with a specialist focus on how people can navigate and adapt to life’s transitions - ageing, menopause, parenthood, childlessness/IVF, long-term illness, weight change, career pivots, retirement, divorce, to name but a few.

Dr Meg’s enormous breadth of experience in both physical and mental health conditions means she’s a sought-after expert. But it is her girl-next-door presenting style that makes viewers and listeners cosy down with coffee as if having a chat with a good neighbour.

Having held senior positions in UK higher education institutes, Dr Meg maintains a strong network of academic contacts as well as a host of leading journalist through the Guild of Health Writers and personal contacts.

Dr Meg is the psychologist who gives solution-focused techniques that people can act on NOW. There are countless medical conditions that can’t be treated simply through conventional allopathic medicine, which means it’s vital that experts offer advice on how to self-manage symptoms, whether these are physical or emotional in nature. For the mind and body are not separate entities, but part of one system that is ‘you’. Because we all have to deal with life’s tricky problems that are both complex and everyday. Dr Meg is effortlessly positioned to become the nation’s darling and go-to Psychologist as she can help everyone feel comfortable discussing problems, which in turn raises awareness of issues that affect every single one of us at some point in our lives.