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Liu Batchelor Biog

Liù (pronounced Lee-you) is a presenter, creative producer and TEDx curator - passionate about exploring new ideas and the psychology of innovation.

A polymath with a love for the creative and scientific process - she’s a natural explorer with a palpable sense of wonder and excitement for what drives people and projects. A natural interviewer with a keen ear to draw out the passion and purpose behind any topic in any sector.

Liu is not afraid to throw herself into a new experience or experiment; once being described as a mix of Anneka Rice and Louis Theroux! Always up for a challenge, she has fronted TV travel series airing on Sky and Amazon Prime, and her adventures have also seen her with features and as a regular expert guest on BBC radio and TV.

With a first class engineering degree, she began her career working in medical product design - with a specific interest in sports injury - having personally experienced a major injury which forced her to retire from her GB wakeboarding career.

She was recruited by Nike to front a year-long women’s sport campaign, before launching a fundraising challenge for Sports Relief to do 100 (different) Sports in 100 (consecutive) Days. This challenge saw her producing a series of 100+ videos (which have since been used by a National Governing Body and as part of school PE lessons) as well as live press appearances and an invite to 10 Downing Street. She subsequently worked on live sports broadcasts for the BBC Red Button.

A TEDx talk curator, event host and speaker, Liu is passionate about helping people find and share their big ideas. Working with trailblazers from a huge spectrum of different industries to share their ideas (in less than 18mins) on the world renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) platform; the home of ‘Ideas worth spreading’ and the pinnacle for public speaking, innovation and original ideas.

Taking her experience from seeing even the most confident TEDx speaker wrestling with the confidence in their ideas - she has since used her insights to help others overcome the common fear of sharing the ideas and values which matter most to us. She hosted an 100+ episode live chat show called The Big Ideas Show, presented a regional FM radio show, and is currently working on a book called ‘How to Speak WhenYou Don’t Know What to Say: The Creative Process of Sharing Ideas’.

Having enjoyed a wonderfully diverse career herself, Liu is passionate about career development - in particular the importance of experimentation and extra curricular opportunities in order for young people (and adults!) to find the work they love. In response to the fallout from COVID-19 she presented a series called ‘When Laid Off Paid Off - Redundancy Success Stories’, and she is currently working on a documentary series called ‘100 Jobs in 100 Days’.

In her free time she enjoys painting, reading, and generally getting over excited with friends coming up with wacky ideas for TV shows, challenges, and creative experiments!