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Sabet Choudhury Biog

Sabet Choudhury is a well known face to BBC viewers in the Westcountry. As one of the main presenters on BBC Points West, he is a regular face on the main 6.30 and 10 o’clock news, watched by hundreds of thousands of people every night. Sabet is also an accomplished journalist, who has worked on BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Springwatch, BBC News Channel and BBC World. He has reported on many of the biggest recent news stories.

Sabet started out in local newspapers in Gloucestershire in the late 1990s, before becoming as a freelance reporter on national newspapers and local radio stations. His first taste of broadcasting came during a stint at BBC Radio Gloucestershire. He then became a regular feature presenter. This was the launch pad for Sabet’s career as a producer and reporter at 5Live. Firstly on Up All Night, then on the Breakfast Show.

In 2005 Sabet got his big break on TV working as a reporter on BBC Points West, covering stories from serious crime to haunted houses!

In 2014 Sabet decided to donate a kidney to his mother, after she had been on the waiting list for over ten years. He realised she only had a few months to live. The experience was documented in BBC programme investigating why so few people from ethnic minority communities donate organs and the illegal trade in kidneys this has created. Since then Sabet has been a supporter of campaigns to get more people to sign up for organ donation.

Over last few years Sabet has become one of the most trusted broadcasters in regional news. He is one of the main presenter on the current affairs programme Inside Out West, in which he exposed the mistreatment of Amazon drivers, abuse at a children’s home and the plight of the homeless in seaside towns. He also survived the infamous sports of Bog Snorkelling and Cheese Rolling.

More recently Sabet has made programmes examining the history of slavery and it’s links to cities like Bristol. He has also made a documentary bringing together a Black Lives Matter Activist with someone who took part in an All Lives Matter demonstration, after the fall of the Edward Colston statue. The programme has now been nominated for an RTS Award and is used as a conflict resolution tool in several councils and schools.

In short, Sabet is one of the most well known faces and most experienced reporters in the West Country and beyond.